About 7.62 Precision

AK-47, VZ-58, Mossberg 500 and CETME/HK G3 hybrid Prepped for Shot Show display for The Mako Group

7.62 Precision, located in Wasilla, Alaska, specializes in the application of high-quality custom DuraCoat finishes. All firearm finishes are done on site. Our background as commercial artists gives us an advantage over our competition that can clearly be seen in our work. We encourage you to compare our work to that of other finishers; we are confident that you will return to us.

We can be contacted at:

7.62 Precision
Wasilla, AK


Click here to email us

S&W J Frame revolver in flat OD and Black DuraCoat




2 Responses to “About 7.62 Precision”

  1. I’ve been searching online all day, and nothing comes close to these custom jobs. I’ve been sold from the home page. You will getting business from me very soon!


  2. Beautiful art work…


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