Shoot Faster and More Accurately! Recoil-Compensating AR-15 Stock

When I first saw the GL-SHOCK M4/AR-15 stock from The Mako Group, I thought, “A perfect stock for .308 AR-10s, .50 Beowulf and .458 SOCOM AR-15s, and shotguns!” The optional adjustable cheekpiece also makes this stock ideal for AK-47s, vz.58s,  shotguns, and similar weapons when optics are used, and for AR-15s with carry-handle mounted optics. Still, I was initially skeptical about the value of recoil compensation for 5.56 mm weapons.

After days of heavy use on an M4 carbine in both a carbine course in an Israeli Advanced Tactics course, I have to say I was totally wrong. I was astounded at the way the carbine stayed on target regardless of how fast I shot when the GL-SHOCK stock was installed. The weapon seems to recoil straight back into the shoulder with little or no muzzle movement. The first day of the Carbine course I used a standard GLR-16 buttstock – one of my favorite stocks. On the second day, I switched to the GL-SHOCK, and that’s when my shooting speed increased.

Recoil-reducing AR-15 stockThe GL-SHOCK recoil-reducing stock is a streamlined collapsible stock for M4s and AR-15 carbines. The adjustment latch melts into the shape of the stock with no corners to catch on gear. An auto tensioning system allows the stock to fit tightly on both mil-spec and commercial receiver extensions. The shape of the stock gives a good, comfortable cheekweld but is still narrow enough to be effective in tight quarters. The buttpad is rubber with an aggressive tire-tread-inspired pattern for a no-slip grip on body armor. A button in the toe of the stock releases the buttpad to slide down, revealing a waterproof storage compartment. Slings may be attached at several locations on each side of the stock, including at the toe of the stock, at the middle of the rear of the stock, around the top of the stock, or with a quick-detach swivel high on either side of the stock. The GL-SHOCK does not have a forward single-point attachment like the GLR-16. For single point attachment, either the points at the rear of the stock may be used, or an MD-SA1 endplate may be installed.

The optional cheekpiece adjusts with twin finger-adjustable locking screws, and is very sturdy, even when fully raised.

The GL-SHOCK Recoil-Reducing Collapsible Buttstock can be installed on any weapon system that uses, or can be adapted to use, a standard M4 Carbine/AR-15 collapsible buttstock. It fits both MIL-SPEC and commercial buffer tubes.

Advantages of the GL-SHOCK M4/AR-15 Carbine Stock

M4 Carbines and AR-15s
These weapons, chambered in 5.56 mm or  .223 Remington, exhibit pretty mild recoil. I am so used to shooting this weapon system that I really don’t notice the push of the recoil, only the amount that the sights move off of the target. As a result, I wasn’t really conscious of the difference in recoil between the GL-SHOCK and a standard stock, since I was thinking about a lot of other stuff at the time. What I did notice was that the sights moved a lot less when I fired. This is a huge advantage. The recoil compensation is also an advantage when teaching smaller children or recoil-sensitive adults to shoot.

The rubber recoil pad grips body armor and tactical vests to prevent the butt of the weapon from sliding around on the shooter’s chest.

The cheekpeice is generally not necessary on any flat-top AR-15, since it is difficult to mount optics too high, but it is a huge advantage for shooters with an optic mounted on top of a carry handle.

.308 ARs (AR-10, LR-308, etc.) and .50 Beowulf, .458 SOCOM, .450 Bushmaster, and other larger-caliber AR-15s
The harder the recoil, the greater the advantage of the recoil-reduction system. This stock is an excellent choice for reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise in heavier-recoiling weapons. The rubber recoil pad offers more comfort that the meat-tenderizer checkering of the standard M4 stocks. The recoil reduction system also buffers the adjustment system of the stock against the impact of the recoil.

As with the large-caliber AR rifles, shotguns are much more comfortable to shoot when a GL-SHOCK stock is installed. The GL-SHOCK can be mounted on Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/Maverick 88 shotguns by combining it with an AGR870 or AGR500 collapsible stock kit, an AGRF870 or AGRF500 folding collapsible stock kit, or for the ultimate in recoil-reduction, it can be combined with the AGR870-FKSB or AGR500-FKSB shotgun recoil reduction stock kit.

AK-47/74, Sa. vz.58, and similar weapons
The Mako group offers several style of collapsible buttstock adapters for AK-47/74 and vz.58 carbines, including an adapter with a recoil-reducing receiver extension. (Many of the vz.58 accessories are approved by the Czech Ministry of Defense and are in use with the Czech military.) When combined with one of these adaptors, the GL-SHOCK’s recoil-reduction may be enjoyed with these weapons systems. The adjustable cheekpiece  solves the problem of optic height on these weapons, but can be dropped in a moment to the proper height for iron sight use.


• Streamlined anti-snag shape. Does not make the weapon wider.
• Fits both MIL-SPEC and commercial receiver extensions tightly.
• Recoil-reduction system reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise.
• Rubber recoil pad for comfort and no-slip grip on body armor.
• Storage for batteries or other small items.
• Multiple sling attachment points.
• Optional adjustable cheekpiece.

The GL-SHOCK has replaced the stocks on two of my M4s, a Remington 870, and a Czechpoint vz.58. It is a clear improvement on each of these weapons.

The GL-SHOCK is available for purchase from 7.62 Precision. Click here for pricing and details.

It is imported by The Mako Group,

Mako GL-SHOCK Sling Attachment options

Sling Attachments on Mako GLR-16 collapsible stock

Comparison of Mako Tan to other FDE

8 Responses to “Shoot Faster and More Accurately! Recoil-Compensating AR-15 Stock”

  1. Great write up! This is one of the choices am planning on using in my bolt rifle build. Going on to an MDT Tac21 stock. Your article narrowed my choices down to one. Hearing it is beneficial on a shotgun helps solidify the deal. Happy New Year.


  2. what rail system is that on the AR?


  3. Awesome. Is there any way you can provide a parts list for the AR pictured under “Advantages of the GL-SHOCK M4/AR-15 Carbine Stock” above? Looks like Mako grips, but what is the rail system/hand guard/vertical grip, etc? That is the sweetest AR I have ever seen. Need details!


  4. So SICK!!!!


  5. what kind of magazine grip do you have on the ar15 in the middle of the page


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