Get A Custom Finish Quote

Simply fill out the form on this page to receive a custom quote by email. Please make information as complete and accurate as possible. Please use a valid email address, or we will not be able to contact you. Don’t worry, we don’t share any of your information with anyone else and we never send out spam.

We need to know what type of firearm you will be sending, what accessories you want coated to match, and what general type of finish is on the firearm now.

Please note: Due to the current political situation we are responding to thousands of emails with requests for information about many things, including firearms, ammunition, and magazines. We are backed up on providing quotes as a result. We are answering quote requests as we can, but we are not currently able to answer immediately as we usually do since we have to sort through so many other requests.

7 Responses to “Get A Custom Finish Quote”

  1. The alien skin digital is wicked! I want my glock done!


  2. I love the purple one you have on your site, I want one just like it


  3. These guns are very nice love to have mine done.


  4. Love the pics do you engrave?


  5. Great looking finish on the Artic Snakeskin !!!


  6. I found you guys from Mike at Black Dog Firearms in Soldotna, I’m thankful that he knows you and that I found you. You guys are awesome at what you do by what i see.


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