Coating Optics

We often have customers who are concerned about the coating of their optics. This is understandable, because a good optic is often more expensive than the rifle it is installed on. Here are some things to expect when we finish your optic:

Your optic will be prepped by hand. It will not be submerged in any kind of cleaners or solvents, and will not be blasted. Unless you request otherwise, all markings and serial numbers will be carefully masked off. The exception to this is serial numbers that are engraved, not just printed or surface marked.

Lenses will be carefully masked and no solvents, abrasives, or finishes will be allowed near them.

Your optic will not be disassembled. Disassembly of most optics needs to be done only a a factory capable of doing that kind of work correctly. If you have a scope that we can unseal and disassemble without causing damage, then you may want to consider buying a better optic before you pay for an expensive coating on it!

All rubber parts will be masked and will not be finished.

The optic will never be heated.

Your optic will be dismounted and rings removed. You will need to reinstall your rings and optic and re-zero when we return your firearm. While we may mount a scope just finger tight to take photos, we will almost always send the optic back dismounted and carefully packed. We do not want to mount your scope for you, since we do not know exactly where you need it for proper eye relief.  Also, we receive many scopes that have been damaged by overtightening of the rings. If we remount the scope, we may be accused of causing the pre-existing damage.

When you mount your scope, take care to level it and position it for proper eye relief for you. If you have someone mount it for you, you need to be there when it is done so that it can be mounted in the correct position for you. Be careful who you have mount your scope. The majority of scopes we finish have been damaged from overtightening, some very badly. It is not uncommon for us to break good bits trying to break unrusted scope ring screws loose. These are not screws that have threadlocker on them, but that have been overtightened. The majority of these have been gunsmith-installed, often by gunsmiths who have a good reputation for working on accurate long-range rifles. We have seen Leupold, Zeiss, and Nightforce scopes with crushed tubes that cannot be adjusted until the rings are loosened. Do not let someone do this to your scope. Use only quality rings and torque the screws to the manufacturer’s specs.

On EOTech sights, we normally only coat the hood and the battery housing.

If you have a specific way that you want your optic to be coated, please let us know in detail, otherwise it will be coated as described above.

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  1. Beautiful work. I am very impressed.


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