The Professional


This finish will be familiar to the professionals who have used this type of pattern to blend into hostile environments around the world. These men quietly perform their jobs without seeking recognition, especially in the field. They don’t want their weapons to look pretty; they just use whatever is at hand to give their equipment a functional camouflage. The Professional finish from 7.62 Precision will give you weapon the look that is present, though often unseen, wherever force is required to halt injustice.

CETME rifle with G3 parts in The Professional pattern

CETME rifle with G3 parts in The Professional pattern

Remington 700 Sniper in The Professional finish

3 Responses to “The Professional”

  1. looks great, can’t wait to see my 6.5 in the this!


  2. I want my AR to look like this!!


  3. G3 Very Nice!


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