Israeli Polymer Ejection Port Cover

pec-mwg-glr-16With the exploding popularity of AR style rifles, enterprising companies have built aftermarket parts to replace or improve almost every part of the AR-15 platform. One part that has been ignored is the ejection port cover. Options for ejection port covers have been standard ejection port covers or standard ejection port covers.

There are a couple of issues with ejection port covers. One constant annoyance is that the the ejection port cover seems to be the first part of the rifle to show rust. Some shooters are also bothered by the finish wear on both the cover and the lower receiver from the cover snapping open. Some of this wear can be seen in the photo above from the steel ejection port cover that was previously installed on that rifle.

The biggest issue is that the steel detent that holds the ejection port cover closed rides against a thin lip on the aluminum upper receiver. The aluminum wears from contact with the detent. On many new rifles the detent is so tight that it is very hard to close, accelerating the wear. When the receiver wears far enough, the door will no longer stay closed. When this occurs, the traditional solution is to junk the upper receiver. This is especially an issue for many law enforcement agencies who receive surplus military rifles from the federal government.

This was also an issue for the Israeli Defense Force. Their single simple solution solved the problem in two ways. They solicited the production of a rugged polymer ejection port cover to replace the standard steel covers. The twist was a captive detent in a threaded housing. With a small screwdriver, the detent can be adjusted up or down in the cover, adjusting the tension of the detent. The installation of this inexpensive part on worn upper receivers allows the receivers to remain in service. The detent is just adjusted tighter until the ejection port cover stays closed. This also solves the problem of wear on new rifles, since the detent pressure can be adjusted lower to prevent damage.

In searching for a solution, the Israeli Government turned to FAB Defense, who designed the PEC Polymer Ejection Port Cover. FAB Defense is the premier manufacturer of weapon accessories in Israel. FAB Defense quality is equal to US companies such as Knight’s Armament and Magpul. A large percentage of what we consider innovations by American companies are simply adaptations of products long produced by FAB Defense for the IDF and Israeli special ops units. FAB Defense should not be confused with Command Arms Accessories, a manufacturer of lower-quality accessories for the civilian market.


PEC Polymer Ejection Port Covers along with the full line of FAB Defense Products, are available in the US under the Mako Tactical name. They may be purchased directly from The Mako Group or may be purchased online here.

The PEC installs in the same manner as any standard ejection port cover and is a drop-in replacement. It can be installed during assembly of the rifle, or later as a replacement for a standard ejection port cover. It is made of weapons-grade reinforced polymer composite material – the same type of material that Glock frames are made of. Its construction is strong and rigid, but it weighs less than 1/3 the weight of the steel cover it replaces. For those trying to build the lightest carbine possible, it is a way to save a little bit more weight.

Because the PEC is made of polymer, it is solid black throughout and will never show finish wear or rust. It is quieter upon opening and will not wear the finish on the lower reciever like the steel ejection port covers do.

The best feature of the PEC is its adjustable tension detent. This allows the operator to adjust the opening tension of the PEC to the optimum level an any upper receiver, whether new or worn, or even damaged.

If you are building a new AR-15, or just want that extra bit of class that will set your existing rifle apart from others, the PEC Polymer Ejection Port Cover is definitely worth considering. If you have a weapon that will not hold the ejection port cover closed anymore, the PEC is a necessary piece of equipment.

You will find a PEC on all of my rifles.

Click here to purchase the PEC Adjustable Polymer Ejection Port Cover.

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  1. I was in the IDF in an infantry unit. I didn’t notice if our ejection ports were this product, but FAB does make great stuff – probably 25% of people had something by them, especially that stock! It was kind of the “cool kids” accessories.


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