Rommel’s Pattern

This pattern made me think of a book I read once by this guy:


This pattern is a good multi-environment pattern, and matches well with popular modern tactical camouflage patterns.

M21 configured M1A with Sadlak Airborne mount, Leupold TMR Mark IV scope, Versapod bipod, Karsten’s cheekpiece, and Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider in Rommel’s Afrika Korps pattern

Springfield Armory M1A National Match Rifle with optic and accessories in Rommel’s Afrika Korps pattern. Click for more photos.

14 Responses to “Rommel’s Pattern”

  1. Added photos for Rommel’s Ostfront and Feld Gendarme.


  2. […] I think it looks pretty killer. I'm definitely going for the desert look with lots of blending. So anyway, anyone have any experience with a good place to send in my rifle to have it done? Not […]


  3. Would make my Barret M99 take on a whole different attitude


  4. It’s actually different in structure than A-TACS and it also includes just a hint of green, which I love. I’ll have some work for you in the future involving this pattern.


  5. Would you be able to do this camo pattern with more of a forest color scheme? I.e instead of looking like A-tacks AU, It’d be more like A-tacs FG.


  6. That looks just like A-TACS


  7. Another stunning piece of work. Ha ha, that system looks MEAN! Always looking forward to what you’re going to turn out next.


  8. That finish turns a lot of heads at the range!
    +1 on the versa-pod too. Was a little wary of the Carsten’s cheek piece, but it works great. Am saving my milk money for the next project. Thanks for your great work, folks.


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