Digital Camouflage Finishes

urban-digital-glock-30 Bring your weapon up to date with some of the most modern camo patterns available. Digital Camouflage (pixelated camo) has proven to be the one of the most effective styles of camo to date. These patterns work well to disrupt outlines in close-quarters and also at a distance. They also are effective in confusing many night vision devices. We can apply a digital camo pattern to your firearm in any combination of colours. Popular schemes include MARPAT, ACU, and CADPAT, but we can do hot pink and lime green if you prefer. This is an excellent style of camo for pistols or knives because the pattern is small. Our digital patterns are carefully executed to ensure a high degree of pixilation and full coverage of the firearm. Compare our digital patterns to all others – we are confident you will see the difference.

HK USP Tactical and Suppressor with ACU Finish

Bullpup SKS, Mako T-Pod, & Stryker Weapon Light and mount in Army ACU digital DuraCoat.

Bullpup SKS, Mako T-Pod, & Stryker Weapon Light and mount in Army ACU digital DuraCoat.


Lewis Machine & Tool lower with GG&G Upper in Desert Digital & Desert Warrior Dark Earth with EOTech, T-PodSL, AG-43 Pistol Grippolymer knife, and HK magazines.

Chameleonflage digital (ChamPat) on FN FS2000 and EOTech reflex sight

Pink Digital on DPMS AR-15 and EOTech with Magpul furniture and Mako T-POD

Pink Digital on DPMS AR-15 and EOTech with Magpul furniture and Mako T-POD

Sako TRG, Yugo AK-47, and SKS in ACU camo.

S&W AR-15 Carbine in purple digital with Magpul PMags, Mako GLR-16 Stock, and custom purple sling.

Sako TRG rifle in ACU Digital Camo Pattern

Navy NWU Camo on Underfolder AK

Long-slide Glock in Light Desert Digital with Dark Earth slide. Shown with Front Line Kydex® double magazine pouch.

Colt New Agent in Urban Digital with Black Accents. Shown with Front Line Deep Concealment Tuckable IWB holster.

Olympic Arms AR-15 with 16" bull barrel, RRA operator stock, RRA quad rail, AG-43 Grip, T-POD SL, Pmag, EOTech, Magpul MBUS Sights in MARPAT DuraCoat

Olympic Arms AR-15 bull-barreled carbine in woodland MARPAT DuraCoat camo. Accessories include Rock River Arms stock and rail system, AG-43 IDF pistol grip, T-PodSL foregrip bipod with light, EOTech sight, and Magpul MBUS sights and windowed Pmag.

Same AR-15 in MARPAT camo with RRA stock and rail system, IDF pistol grip, T-PodSL, EOTech, MBUS sights with Pmags and Beta C style drum magazine.

13 Responses to “Digital Camouflage Finishes”

  1. Would you guys paint an airsoft mk18 rifle aor1 and the mags and if so how much would this cost.


    • Email it and we can discuss. Sometimes Airsoft is harder than real firearms, because we have to figure out how to disassemble/reassemble each, and they can be more delicate and require hand prepping.


  2. […] Here check out this site for some options, might help you out some! Digital Camouflage Finishes | 7.62 Precision Custom Firearm Finishes […]


  3. I’ve noticed that the digit pattern doesn’t come out stretched out, very nice job!.. thats the only thing from stopping me from going to local places. looking at their gallery and your guys work is really a big difference.. i want to ship my gun but never done it before so im kind of hesitant..:/


  4. Do you actually do these finishes? if so how does it work? Do I send my weapon to you? Whats the cost


  5. Added Urban Digital on Colt New Agent


  6. Added photos of Sako TRG, ACU; Underfolder AK, NWU; Glock in Desert Digital/Dark Earth.


  7. That glock 30’s finish is amazing.


  8. My SKS is awesome!!!!! I am going to send my fiance’s handgun to get nice finish.


  9. is digital chameleon your pattern


  10. Man I love my SKS! I have several Friends that look to work with you soon with there weapons. I also have a Handgun I would like to send out for a fresh paint job. Thanks Again


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