Mako Tactical SSR-25 Israeli Sniper Stock for AR-15 Style Rifles


Despite the recent proliferation of sniper style stocks for AR-15/AR-10 style rifles, it is often difficult to find a stock with the right balance of features, simplicity, and price. Magpul’s PRS stocks, now available for several weapon systems, are good, solid stocks. Command Arms offers sniper stocks that are overly complicated and spectacularly expensive. Other companies offer improvements on standard A2 stocks.

One stock that stands out from the rest is the SSR-25 stock from The Mako Group. This simple, rugged sniper stock is designed to excel in it’s intended role – providing a soldier-proof , fast-operating stock for Israeli snipers fielding SR-25 rifles.

The first thing you will notice about the SSR-25 stock is that it was definitely not designed to impress civilian gear geeks with space-age looks or overcomplicated controls. It’s clean, spartan design saves weight and bulk. The stock blends with the shape of the rear of the rifle’s receiver and brings that shape back to where it drops down in a comfortable hook for the off-hand to hold. The butt section terminates in a rubber buttpad and a push-button release allows the butt section and a cheekpiece to be raised to the desired height. A second push button releases a spring-loaded monopod hidden in the stock. The monopod drops straight down to the desired height and has course and fine elevation adjustments. If you have never fired a rifle from a bipod and monopod combination, you will be amazed by the potential increase in accuracy.

This stock is build from rugged reinforced polymer composite. This material is ideal for building weapon accessories because it is lightweight and very strong. It is also more comfortable in extreme temperatures than metals.

ssr-25-oir-valdada-on-dpms-lr-308The SSR-25 Sniper Stock is a drop-in replacement for an A2 style stock. (If the rifle has a collapsible buttstock, then the carbine buffer tube needs to be removed and replaced with a rifle buffer tube. Be sure to replace the carbine buffer and spring with a rifle buffer and spring to prevent damage to the rifle.) To install, simply remove the existing stock from the rifle. Set the old stock and the spacer aside. Loosen a keeper screw (accessed through buttpad of the SSR-25) several turns and slide the buttpad/cheekrest assembly up and off of the back of the SSR-25 stock. Slide the SSR-25 onto the rifle’s buffer tube and slide forward most of the way. Insert monopod spring into well and hold in place while sliding the stock all the way forward on the buffer tube. Insert and tighten buttstock screw and slide the buttpad/cheekpiece assembly back into place. tighten keeper screw and installation is finished. This stock can easily be installed in about three minutes.

Length of pull is about 14.5″ and seems ideal for a scoped AR rifle. Many people are fixed on the idea of a collapsable stock, and I am often asked whether there are collapsible sniper stocks available. While collapsible stocks are great for CQB applications while wearing body armor, most snipers do not use body armor when shooting. Also, adjustable cheekpieces and AR charging handles do not mix well on collapsible stocks. Another consideration is that with sniper optics on an AR, it is often difficult to get enough eye relief. I have found that even with body armor, I have had hard time getting far enough away from the optics with standard collapsible stocks.

Height of the cheekpiece is adjustable from zero to 2 5/16″ – tall enough to use with carry handle mounted scopes. This stock is a great option for anyone who wants to scope an A1 or A2 style rifle. The push button adjustment is much faster than wheel-type  adjustments.

gunblast_dpms-lr-260The monopod adjusts from zero to 6.25 inches. It’s unique design allows the shooter to take a position, touch a button, and deploy the monopod instantly to the desired height. The elevation can be fine-tuned by turning either the fine or course adjustments. At any time large adjustments can be made instantly with the touch of the button. This design is much faster than others which must be loosened, swung down, tightened, and then spun to the desired height. The long range of adjustment makes this design especially suited to both snipers and varmint hunters, since both often shoot from less than ideal positions.

Price for the SSR-25 is very reasonable, lower than all other sniper stocks I am aware of now, and considerably lower than many. The SSR-25 is available for purchase here.

Although the SSR-25 stock was designed for the SR-25, M16, AR-15, AR-10 or DPMS LR-308 family of rifles, it can be installed on any rifle that is designed for or can be adapted to take an AR-15 buttstock. The Mako Group offers conversion kits to adapt this stock to AK-47/74 style rifles or VZ-58 rifles. Many .50 BMG rifles are designed to use AR style buttstocks, and with its rubber buttpad, the SSR-25 is ideal for harder recoiling rifles such as .50 BMG rifles or .308 AR-1o type rifles. Kits are available from other manufacturers to adapt many other rifles to AR buttstocks.

The SSR-25 Sniper Stock is built in Israel by FAB Defense and available in the US under The Mako Group name. FAB Defense has been manufacturing top quality weapon accessories for military and law enforcement customers in Israel and worldwide, and in the last few years have finally made their products available to civilians in the US through The Mako Group. All FAB accessories were designed and manufactured at the specific request of a military or LE agency and have been proven through actual combat use.

Dealers and distributors in the US should contact The Mako Group for information on selling or distributing these products.

Click Here to Purchase the SSR-25 Sniper Stock for M16, AR-15, Mk 12 M110 and SR-25 Rifles


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11 Responses to “Mako Tactical SSR-25 Israeli Sniper Stock for AR-15 Style Rifles”

  1. I am ready to purchase this stock with a few more details answered. I have a Kel Tec SU-16C with a foldable stock installed. No buffer tube on this rifle. Do I just need an A2 buffer tube as a blank to attach this Mako SSR 25 stock. If so, how will this stock remain stationary on the buffer tube. It gives the impression that it would roll around the buffer tube without understanding the point of connection.


  2. How do I put a sling swivel on this stock?
    A fieldable firearm isn’t worth 2 cents if it can’t be easily carried, or stabilized with a cuff sling when being shot offhand or off of a bipod…


    • The SSR-25 was designed with the idea that a 550 cord loop would be attached at whichever location the shooter preferred along the lower ribs to attach a sling, or the sling can attach directly to the stock if it is a kind of sling that is set up to attach that way. Alternately, you can take two QR sling swivel sockets and place one on either side in one of the stock slots and bolt them together. This allow you to use QD sling swivels.


  3. when converting my carbine to the rifle tube do i need to get the A1 kit or the A2 kit?


    • A1 Kit. If you have an A2 kit, just don’t use the spacer that A2 stocks use. The tube is the same for both, A2 stocks just have a spacer added between the end of the tube and the stock. The SSR-25 does not need that spacer. USe the screw that comes with the SSR-25, because an A2 stock screw will be too long and the buffer can hit it.


  4. How will this attach to a 50 cal AR bolt action? Does it require additional parts? When is the expected delivery date?
    Thank you


    • This sniper stock is a great choice for a .50 caliber bolt action on an AR lower. It mounts basically the same way as the standard A2 stock and includes all necessary hardware, as long as you have an AR lower with a rifle length buffer tube, or any other weapon designed to take a rifle-length AR-15/M16 stock.


  5. Are you able to easily operate the charging handle with the cheek piece raised?


  6. […] The biggest annoyance to me is that the magazine is a full profile the size of a 30-round magazine for a standard .223 round.  My rifle could not sit on it’s bi-pod without the mono-pod in the stock raised while I was not shooting it.  If you do not use a bi-pod, this will be a non-issue as you’ll have to set the rifle down to reload any way.  I noticed that Black Dog also sells a 15-round and 10-round short profile magazine as well, althought the price is $25 for either one.  I am strongly considering purchasing one.  I generally use 20-round magazines while shooting .223 because of the size of the 30-round.  If you are interested, that is a Mako Tactical SSR-25 Israeli Sniper Stock that I purchased from a vendor on  There is a really good review of that stock at 7.62 Precision. […]


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