Glock 31 pistol in Crypsis Stonehenge. Shown with Front Line Yamam Leather IWB holster.

This pattern is designed to break up an outline using organic shapes. The larger dark and light areas break up the outline when viewed from a distance, while the detail of the pattern breaks blends with surroundings at short distances. The colours are neutral tones, and can vary from desert or woodland to urban or universal colours.

Mk 12 type SPR rifle in Crypsis Dryad. Bravo Co. Upper, PRI SPR handguard and rail, Magpul PRS Stock, SureFire Light, Harris Bipod, and Leupold Mark AR Scope.

Bravo Company SPR Rifle with Optics and accessories in Crypsis Dryad.

DPMS upper and .260 Rem. Barrel, CMMG Mk 3 Lower, SSR-25 Stock, and AG-43 Grip in Crypsis Dryad pattern.

Crypsis Dryad on .260 Remington AR and Magpul Magazines.

Glock 31 SBR Pistol in Crypsis Stonehenge. Shown with Front Line Synthetic/Kydex/Suede Tri-Layer Holster.

Smith & Wesson M&P Rifle with ACOG, Alexander Arms G10 Handguard, Grip Pod, AG-43 Pistol Grip, and LMT SOPMOD Stock in Crypsis Stonehenge DuraCoat.

S&W M&P Carbine and accessories in Crypsis Stonehenge. Shown with optional moose droppings.



Crypsys on a Springfield Armory XD.

2 Responses to “Crypsis”

  1. when u layer these multi cam colors for ur cyrpsid, do u use any gradients or stricly keep it one color a layer


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