Custom DuraCoat Firearm Finishes

Our firearm finishes have proven to hold up under the harshest conditions and abuse. This durable finish is more resilient than any standard finish, such as bluing, parkerizing, or Teflon. DuraCoat™ finishes protect your firearm from wear and abrasion. Parts finished with DuraCoat™ are also completely protected from rust. This finish is excellent for any weapon that will see hard use or spend its life banging around in a boat, airplane, or truck.

Each firearm we finish is carefully disassembled, cleaned, and prepared for finishing. We then carefully apply the finish using the highest quality equipment for the best results. We contrast parts when appropriate for a more professional look.
Camouflage patterns are meticulously applied with the highest attention to detail. Each firearm is then finished with a clearcoat at no extra charge. The clearcoat evens sheens between colors and creates a look and feel that is amazing. This clearcoat can also be applied over your firearm’s original finish to protect against rust and damage. Please look at the results offered by our competitors: you will see why the most discriminating shooters choose 7.62 Precision for firearm finishes.

Our background as professional artists gives us the skill and training necessary to create the most outstanding finishes available. The techniques we use result in a finish that is part of the firearm. All details – engraving, markings, checkering, and textures – are as sharp and visible as before they are finished. We avoid any thick applied look.

Camouflage patterns are applied to all parts of the firearms and accessories, not just the areas that are easy. Our digital patterns show a much higher degree of pixilation than any others we have seen. Custom patterns, artwork, or logos are possible for a unique look.
7.62 Precision’s DuraCoat™ finishes work well on all metals (including aluminum and stainless steel), plastics, composites, fiberglass, and wood. Our finishes are appropriate for high quality sporting rifles, tactical weapons, optics, accessories, knives, airsoft, paintball markers, helmets, etc.

Patterns Available:

  • Solid colors
  • Two-tone
  • Marine Corps Digital (temperate/desert)
  • Army ACU Digital
  • Desert (3 color or Desert Storm)
  • Urban Digital
  • All Tigerstripe Variations
  • Winter twig
  • Snakeskin (Woodland, Desert, Snow)
  • Underbrush
  • Woodland
  • Flecktarn
  • Alpenflage
  • Fall Tundra
  • Marsh
  • Nature Skins
  • ChameleonFlage
  • Gecko
  • Custom Designs and Patterns
  • Electric Colors
  • Text and Art
  • Clearcoat rustproofing over original finish

Gun Painting
We  are often asked “can you paint my gun” or “do you paint guns?” Our reply is always that we finish firearms. We are careful to avoid the use of the word paint in this context, because the connotation is that of bubba with a can of Krylon from Wal-Mart.

We want our customers to understand that we use a high-quality finish that is designed for finishing firearms. It is as appropriate for for top quality custom sporting rifles as it is for tactical weaponry or the Mosin Nagant that lives behind a pickup seat. We have applied this finish to all types of firearms, from the SKS to a one-of-a-kind Sako that was a custom build from the factory for an important Sako customer. Look carefully at our examples and you will see why we pride ourselves on providing the best quality in custom firearm finishes.

4 Responses to “Custom DuraCoat Firearm Finishes”

  1. How well does your finish hold up to nitro cleaning solvents? I’ve seen many paint finishes that hold up to being thrown around in a truck or banged by branches in the feild only to be eaten away like acetone was poured on them when you go to clean it…
    I would like to get a custom built AR by me painted for my wife but I want it to look nice forever, not just when I first give it to her.


    • DuraCoat is resistant to all standard firearms solvents. Certain solvents that are designed to remove epoxies could weaken the finish, but I would not use those solvents to clean any firearm anyway. Also, those types of solvents will usually damage any polymer parts of the firearm (even aggressive gun solvents like Gun Scrubber can damage polymers). However, I have yet to find any solvent that will really remove DuraCoat once it has had a good cure time. Generally it takes blasting, and a lot of it.

      On the other hand, you may want to be careful how you clean a firearm if it has a light-coloured finish to prevent staining of the finish by oil and dirt if you are just hosing out the action with a solvent (like I like to do). Carbon and dirt stains would then have to be removed using mineral spirits or alcohol.


  2. This company is Exactly the kind i wanted to get into but i was hoping to open my own shop and do it from there but This is the Perfect inspiration the Guns are Beautiful… Absolutely Beautiful. the arctic snakeskin is one of my favorites!


  3. saw a picture of a sks in a bullpup design, have not seen where i can find it for my sks….yes u will paint it too…thanks . SGT KC Graves


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