Delays in completing finishes

This year has been a strange year for us, as far as finishing firearms goes. We have had several firearms with issues that took a long time to resolve, the manufacturer of the template we use was out of stock for some time, people let us know after getting their firearms to us that they had a deadline that we did not expect; moving out of state, birthdays, etc. We also moved to a different town and had to wait for the ATFE to change our license. All of these things pushed the finishes out much longer than we are used to, and despite long nights trying to get caught up, we ran out of time before I needed to go out on a remote job.

As a result, some of our customers have been waiting for their firearms to be finished for a long time, much longer than we (or they) expected. Most have been far more understanding than we expected them to be. Some have not. I appreciate those who have been understanding, and for those who have not been understanding, I can completely understand your frustration. I do ask however, that when you call and a lady answers the phone, that you be polite and do not give her a hard time. It is not her fault, it is mine. I coat firearms, I made the decision to move our company’s location, I have been out of town, I was the one who did not realize that we were running out of template material.

Now I have to ask you to be patient again. The work I have been doing has run longer than expected due to difficulty getting repair parts into bush Alaska. I was hoping to take a break for a week or two to get some firearms finished, but stormy weather and fog on the island I am on has resulted in few planes getting in, and worse, even if I did get out to Nome, emergency repairs to the Nome airport have left hundreds stranded in Nome or in Anchorage trying to get to Nome, making the possibility of travel almost impossible for me, short of chartering a plane.

We have made some changes to our policies and are doing some things different to prevent a backlog like this from occurring again, and once our new facilities are fully set up, we will be able to finish firearms faster than ever. In the mean time, we are accepting no new work until our current customer’s work is completed.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience we have caused the few of you whose firearms we have not yet completed.

~ by 7.62 Precision on 19 August 2012.

6 Responses to “Delays in completing finishes”

  1. Thanks for the news update. Best of luck with new shop,can’t wait for more of your great finishes.


  2. Looking forward to see my guns. I’m sure they will be more than worth the wait. Dylan and Leah have been very helpful and understanding and patient with my constant changes of patterns or additions of accessories to my guns. Its not about the wait, its how they have handled the circumstances that has been first class in my opinion. Thanks guys and Dylan welcome home, I’m sure its not easy spending so much time away from family!


  3. As with others, I am patiently waiting. Leah has been very responsive to my emails inquiring about receiving new work.


  4. All is OK with me, it will be a good thing at the end. Thanks for keeping us dated. You have a great shop, please let me know when all is ready to ship
    Dick Martin


  5. No worries… please post when I can ship my 1911 for gunsmithing and refinishing.
    Take care

    d’Lynn /Chelan WA


  6. I waited quite a while for my weapon. With that said, the result justified the lengthy process. That care was taken in crafting the design and application was far more important than some extra time spent in anticipation.

    Mrs. 7.62 was communicative throughout the process, and this helped allay my concerns and “tide me over” the worries and anticipation. This effort you have made to explain your process and circumstances should be a big help to those awaiting their projects and set realistic expectations for those considering a finish for their firearm(s). Quality work takes time, and one’s project isn’t the only thing going on at the 7.62 shop.

    My guess is that upon receiving your project back from the shop, all that worry and fret will evaporate and be replaced with plans for the next go-round!


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