We’re Headed for the Rocks

Imagine this scenario:

You are at the helm of a boat in coastal waters. Suddenly, the boat stops answering the helm. The course cannot be changed, and a quick look at your charts shows dangerous rocks just ahead. If you continue at the same course and speed, you will pile up on those rocks in five minutes. The wind and current are both toward the rocks.

One of the crew reports, “Skipper, the rudder cables are fouled up and damaged. We can fix it, but it will take about 20 minutes.”

“Ok,” you say, “our only choice is to reverse course.” You try to reverse the propeller, but the transmission won’t change gears. The boat still chugs towards the rocks.

A crew member says, “If we shut down the engine, our speed will drop, and with the speed of our drift, we can probably gain enough time to fix the steering and alter course enough to miss the rocks.”

“NO!” you shout, ” The only solution is to change to the right course! We will not shut down the engine, instead, we will put all of our effort into fixing the steering. It means we will hit the rocks, but it is the right thing to do!”

Does this sound like a reasonable strategy? Probably about as reasonable as voting for a third party candidate in this election.

Obama Mask Scares Child

Mommy! Stop this boat!

~ by 7.62 Precision on 06 November 2012.

One Response to “We’re Headed for the Rocks”

  1. We are is some serious trouble…, I can’t believe the election results. This isn’t the country I have known……… damn


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