Busy times

We have been flat out busy for the last few months and are still trying to get caught up on everything as the buying panic slows down. For 7.62 precision, the buying panic did not really bring an increase in sales, as we did not have large quantities of items that people were really panicked about, though we do have a large supply of magazines and a small stock of AR parts now. Most of these were obtained in order to supply somer of our best local customers at normal pricing, though.

What the panic did do was drastically increase our call and email volume, and a new type of customer – a nasty, bullying kind of customer that takes a lot of our time.

We have been behind on getting quote requests turned around, and I have not posted anything new to this site is some time. Focus has been dealing with customers and getting holsters and stuff shipped out as quickly as usual. I will try to post some of the finish photos from the last year as I have time.

~ by 7.62 Precision on 24 June 2013.

2 Responses to “Busy times”

  1. Don’t let the lemons one encounters in retail sales game spoil the fun you can have with those clients who support you and are deserving of your special talents.

    I’m hoping to be included in that latter list (again) and am saving for a 7.62 Precision finish on my Glock to match the awesome job you did for me on my M21.

    With regards to you, and your husband,


  2. You guys are a great company and I’m sorry that some people out there somewhere are so damn dumb . We all are having a hard time with anything that is part(s) of firearms. For a customer or someone to be that rude to you guys is way out of line. Hang in there.
    Richard Martin


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