Testing New Polymer Backup Sights

RBS and FBS Folding Sight Set

My .50 Beowulf bear defense carbine got a set of back-up sights. I had considered a lot of backup sights for this carbine, and I have some of several brands, but the sights I chose are FAB Defense RBS and FBS sights.

Beowulf Rifle Fab Flip-up Sights M21

I first saw a prototype of the FAB Defense sights a couple of years ago, and I have been waiting for the final product to go into production. As soon as they were available, I ordered several sets to see if they lived up to the potential I saw in the prototypes.

Backup sights are important for any rifle that uses an optic of any kind. Whether found on fighting carbines carried by soldiers or fine custom bolt-action rifles used by trophy hunters, backup sights have an important purpose; to keep the gun in action even if the optic is damaged or even lost. In combat, a survival situation, or when facing dangerous animals, backup sights could keep you alive. I have heard heartbreaking stories from hunters who spent thousands of dollars on the hunt of a lifetime, only to damage or lose their scopes, ending the hunt or leaving them using an unfamiliar rifle.

Nothing protrudes from the FAB folding sights that could catch on gear.

When I look for a backup sight, I look for a sight that is designed for the type of rifle I will be using them on. They need to be out of the way until they are needed. I want sights that are very simple in design and operation, and I want sights that can take some abuse. Because I have a number of rifles, affordability is a consideration.

The FAB Defense RBS and FBS sights meet my criteria nicely.

Read the full review and see more photos! Click here.

~ by 7.62 Precision on 11 November 2013.

One Response to “Testing New Polymer Backup Sights”

  1. In my opinion the “iron” sights are the primary sights on a weapon and magnifying scopes fragile “luxuries.”

    always enjoy your posts!


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