The truth about the Oregon School Shooting

Remember how the NRA said the cure for school shootings was armed personnel on school grounds, armed teachers or armed security or both?

When I started to read about this shooting on Oregon, I immediately was struck with two things – the response time was way too fast for officers outside the school to have responded, and the news reports were carefully worded to make it seem that officers responded from outside the school, without directly saying it.

I told my wife that this was not officers going to the school to respond, but SROs who were AT the school responding. Sure enough, that information has slipped out, though the last I saw, the major news companies are still not mentioning it.

Seems to me that the presence of armed personnel, who, according to the hype, only “endanger the children,” because “bringing a gun on school property only makes children less safe,” probably saved a lot of lives.

I wonder what the average response time is for police in that community? The SROs responded in less than a minute.

So we have school resource officers who heard two gun shots and reached the scene in less than a minute, causing the shooter to flee into a bathroom where he shot himself as one of the SROs fired at him.

The media would have us to believe that the teacher who was shot ran and called 911. Police were dispatched and arrived at the school where they entered and looked for the shooter. Meanwhile, for unknown reasons, the shooter “made his way from the locker room to a bathroom” where he hid and then shot himself when the police finally found him.

There is lots of talk about how the NRA and American gun owners caused this crime, by preventing the banning of guns, but not a word about the fact that it was the presence of armed personnel at the school that stopped the shooting in less than one minute.

I suppose that is expected from the same politicians and media that ridiculed the NRA for suggesting such a thing.


~ by 7.62 Precision on 18 June 2014.

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