The California Home-Defense Carbine

My brother-in-law flew in for some fishing recently. As we were fishing, the talk turned to his need for a home-defense carbine. Because he is assigned to an Air Force base in California, our talk revolved around things like off-list lowers, bullet buttons, and featureless builds. This set me to thinking about practicality.

“I like the AR-15, and I think everyone should have one,” I told him, “but in your situation, I would consider something else. Instead of trying to fit an AR to the restrictions you are dealing with, you need a rifle that can work well within those restrictions. I have a rifle to show you when we fly out of here.”

When we got home I grabbed a carbine and put it in his hands. “This,” I said, “is the carbine you need in California. The design is modern, ergonomics are good, quality is top-end, and it is reliable.”

“Does it have to have a bullet button?” he asked.

“Doesn’t matter. It loads from stripper clips.”

The rifle was, of course, the . . .

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~ by 7.62 Precision on 10 August 2014.

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