Viking Warrior


A .50 Beowulf rifle requires a Viking theme, don’t you think? Engraving on polymer and aluminum was done with a Dremel Tool instead of by laser to avoid precision. Once engraved, the rifle was coated in a patinated steel, bronze, and copper DuraCoat. GL-SHOCK buttstock was chosen for the recoil-compensation, and the Magpul handguard gave an excellent base on which to carve bear and dragon figureheads and add serpent and knot artwork. The Seekins Precision lower fits the theme with the texturing on the front of the magazine well and the Seekins logo. The M21 reflex sight is built to withstand the hardest punishment and can withstand the long-term effects of the Beowulf recoil without breaking.

Selector markings, caliber marking, and manufacturer’s name (upper) are in Old Norse inscribed with runes. Runes are Anglo-Saxon in a nod to the origins of both the Beowulf poem and Alexander Arms, but could be more easily done in the correct Younger Futhark runes.

A bear and a boar on the buttstock indicate appropriate uses for the caliber.

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