Hog Hunting AR-15


This rifle was built for a small girl to hunt hogs with. It started as a CMMG .300 BLK pistol with an 8″ barrel.

CMMG parts were retained, but the lower half was reassembled on a stripped Sharps Brothers Warthog lower from Spikes. A FAB Defense GL-SHOCK recoil-reducing buttstock was slightly modified to work in the fully collapsed position, and a FAB Defense AG-43 pistol grip and E-Lander steel magazines were chosen. The optic is a Meprolight RDS.

The rifle received a grey camouflage, light on the rifle and darker on the furniture. The Warthog was detailed in Duracoat, and the teeth, tongue, eyes, and nostrils given a gloss clear coat.

The knife is available from Track of the Wolf.

Click on any photo for a larger image.

.300 Backout Hog Killing Machine

.300 Backout Hog Killing Machine

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