Two-Tone Grey and Black Marlin 1895

1895 Marlin .45-70 in Grey and Black

1895 Marlin .45-70 in Grey and Black

This 1895 Marlin (Remington production) lives in the salty, wet environment of Kodiak Island. The owner wanted rust protection, but asked us to come up with something more unique than a solid black finish. Here is the result.

This rifle was a challenge because it came from the worst of the Remington production of Marlin rifles, so parts fit poorly and the drop-in butted that the owner had installed came nowhere close to lining up with the existing holes in the stock, so it was way off to one side and low. We did some minor fitting and aligned the buttpad better.

The screws and small parts are contrasting, except for the safety, which matches the receiver. The cross-bolt safety is disabled for safety, so we wanted to blend it with the receiver.

1895 Marlin left side

1895 Marlin left side










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