National Association for Gun Rights comments on the Alaska Senate Race

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From the National Association for Gun Rights:

If ever there was a time for gun owners to charge up a hill together to reclaim the high ground from our anti-gun enemies and their sympathizers, it’s right now. And the person standing on top of that hill in Alaska is your accidental anti-gun U.S. Senator Mark Begich.

Now, sometimes folks assume that just because a politician says they’re pro-gun that he is telling the truth. I hope you don’t make that mistake.

You see, you and I were just one or two votes away in the U.S. Senate of losing our right to keep and bear arms last year.

The 2013 debate over the Feinstein “assault weapons” ban and the Toomey-Manchin “Expanded Background Check” bill were the largest assaults on our Second Amendment rights in nearly twenty five years. And Mark Begich very nearly gave the green light to Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

During the debate on gun control, Mark Begich voted with Liberal anti-gun Vermont Senator Pat Leahy’s proposal to put ordinary gun sellers on par with drug dealers and gang members.

But it gets worse.

Your “Republican” U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski voted for this anti-gun proposal too.

You see, we very nearly lost this battle.

And it wasn’t just anti-gun Democrats who voted anti-gun.

Sadly, it was some weak-kneed anti-gun Republicans too.

That’s why it’s very important that you and I get to the bottom of where Republican candidates really stand when it comes to your gun rights.

And that’s why I’m excited to report that U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Miller, who challenged Murkowski four years ago, has returned his National Association for Gun Rights candidate survey 100% pro-gun.

You see, it’s vital to know which Republicans are serious about your gun rights, and which ones are showing signs of caving to the anti-gunners and their pals in the media.

Fortunately, Joe Miller has made it clear he’ll stand up against all of Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda — not just parts of it.
Miller not only returned his National Association for Gun Rights Federal Candidate Survey 100% pro-gun, he’s enthusiastically promised to do everything he can as a member of the U.S. Senate to:

• Restore the Second Amendment rights of all Americansby working to abolish every unconstitutional federal gun law currently on the books;

• Defeat the United Nations’ “Small Arms Treaty.” Joe Miller opposes ALL attempts by the United Nations to regulate firearms, and pledges to fight to cut taxpayer funding propping up the U.N.’s anti-gun agenda;

• Block all efforts by the federal government to further infringe on the gun rights of the people of the sovereign state of Alaska;

• Stop any attempt by Barack Obama or Dianne Feinsteinto reinstate the so-called “assault weapons ban;”

• Block a National Gun Registry. Joe Miller will oppose each and every one of the gun-grabbers schemes to dump the names of gun owners into a national gun registry.

But what about your other Republican candidates?

Well, I’m pleased to report that Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell also returned his survey 100% pro-gun!

But Dan Sullivan actually had the nerve to return his survey indicating he supports gun control.

According to his candidate survey, Dan Sullivan believes the government should suspend your gun rights for something as simple as spanking your child.

He refused to support the repeal of the Lautenberg Gun Ban!

Under the Lautenberg Gun Ban, if a woman slaps her abusive husband, she could lose her gun rights and end up defenseless if she’s violently attacked again later.

The law originally was supposed to target domestic abusers, but instead it’s helped disarm victims and thousands of individuals, in some cases for things that happened decades ago.

Unfortunately, instead of repealing this anti-gun law, Dan Sullivan has promised to keep it on the books.

Making matters worse, the anti-gunners in the Senate recently  held a hearing to expand the Lautenberg Gun Ban. Under the expanded proposal, you could be stripped of your gun rights without due process. If they get their way, you could lose your gun rights based on hearsay and unsubstantiated rumors started by your nosey neighbor.

The worst part, no one would even have to tell you you’ve lost your gun rights.

Does Dan Sullivan support expanding the Lautenberg Gun Ban?

I hope not, but so far all signs point to yes.

I’m very afraid that this new legislation could be the vehicle for ramming even more gun control through the U.S. Senate.

And Dan Sullivan is sounding more and more like it’s biggest Republican advocate.

It could be the tip of the iceberg.

Do gun owners really want to trade one accidental anti-gun senator for another?

Fortunately, there is still time to get Dan Sullivan to renounce his anti-gun support for the Lautenberg Gun Ban.

Here’s what you can do to help:

1.) Thank Republican candidate Joe Miller for pledging his 100% support and leadership for your right to keep and bear arms;

2.) Give Dan Sullivan an earful! Urge him to abandon his support the Lautenberg Gun Ban, and urge him to publicly promise to oppose any attempt by the anti-gunners in the Senate to expand it.

Dan Sullivan is showing serious signs that he’d vote anti-gun in the U.S. Senate.
Please give Dan Sullivan an earful for his anti-gun views and urge him to support the repeal of the Lautenberg Gun Ban.

Thankfully, Joe Miller has a long history of supporting your Second Amendment tights and has pledged his continued 100% support for your gun rights. Please thank him today.

For more information, or for more information about the National Association for Gun Rights, visit their website at

For more information about Joe Miller, visit

Joe Miller and the Second Amendment

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Joe Miller, with my .50 Beowulf rifle, talks about the usefulness of the cartridge for Alaskan game. Joe owns a .50 Beowulf rifle himself.

Joe Miller, with my .50 Beowulf rifle, talks about the usefulness of the cartridge for Alaskan game. Joe owns a .50 Beowulf rifle himself.

I spent some time with Senate candidate Joe Miller recently, talking about the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, his stance on gun rights, and about guns in general.

I brought along some guns, including my .50 Beowulf AR-15 and my IDF carbine clone with Meprolight M21. I expected that he would be impressed. Turns out that I showed him nothing new. He has fired a .50 Beowulf before – his own. And as far as the Meprolight optics? Yeah, he owns some of those as well.

I will post full details of my discussion and interview soon, but for now, let me say that I am fully convinced that Joe Miller is by far the strongest candidate I have ever spoken to on gun rights, and he stand solidly behind the Second Amendment as it was intended by the founding fathers, without apology or compromise.

I hope to have some answers on these issues soon from the other candidates as well, so stay tuned!


Updated Alaska Senate Candidate Comparison

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Here is an updated comparison of the US Senate candidates running in Alaska. The information used comes from an independent source and reflects the historical positions of each candidate. This is valuable in determining the stance of Joe Miller, Dan Sullivan, Mead Treadwell, and Mark Begich on key issues.




Click here to download a printable PDF file: Senate Comparison


The California Home-Defense Carbine

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My brother-in-law flew in for some fishing recently. As we were fishing, the talk turned to his need for a home-defense carbine. Because he is assigned to an Air Force base in California, our talk revolved around things like off-list lowers, bullet buttons, and featureless builds. This set me to thinking about practicality.

“I like the AR-15, and I think everyone should have one,” I told him, “but in your situation, I would consider something else. Instead of trying to fit an AR to the restrictions you are dealing with, you need a rifle that can work well within those restrictions. I have a rifle to show you when we fly out of here.”

When we got home I grabbed a carbine and put it in his hands. “This,” I said, “is the carbine you need in California. The design is modern, ergonomics are good, quality is top-end, and it is reliable.”

“Does it have to have a bullet button?” he asked.

“Doesn’t matter. It loads from stripper clips.”

The rifle was, of course, the . . .

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The ultimate left-handed semi auto carbine – can you guess what it is? Click here!

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Check out the Review of the New Mepro TRU-DOT RDS!

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Check out the full review of the new Mepro TRU-DOT RDS reflex sight here:


Affordability and Military-Grade Durability meet in the Mepro TRU-DOT RDS Sight

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Where do the senate candidates stand?

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As we approach the primary, one thing I hear over and over is that people have no idea who to vote for in the primary. Most seem to think the Republican candidates all take a similar stand on relevant issues, including gun rights.

This is an important election, and we need to elect a senator who we can trust to do all he can to stand against the dangerous direction our government is headed. We need to look past what the candidates a currently telling us and consider their long-established stances and previous actions on these issues. Here is an independent comparison of where each candidate stands on key issues:

Download the PDF Files Here:
AK Senate Candidate Comparison Chart
AK Candidate Comparison Sources

Click image to view at full size, or download the PDF from the link above.

Click image to view at full size, or download the PDF from the link above.

Click above image to view at full size.

Click above image to view at full size.